Water Security

Water security is a key issue facing regional producers and landholders. In particular, for local graziers who rely on dam water for their livestock and don’t have access to mains water.  Water security has therefore become a ‘project priority’ for BIGG.

BIGG received separate funding from the Northern and Yorke Landscape Board (November 2020) and the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program (June 2021) to investigate on-farm water security solutions for the region, including the following activities.

BIGG's Water Planning Workshop - April 2021

What are the options and strategies you need to consider to help make your property ‘water secure’?

These were examined at a BIGG workshop, featuring PIRSA Officers, Mary-Anne Young and Brian Hughes and BIGG Technical Facilitator, Janie Evans.

  • On-farm water options

    Tracey Strugnell, Coorong and Tatiara District Councils and Coorong Tatiara Local Action Plan

  • Water requirement spreadsheet

    Mary-Anne Young

  • Water Infrastructure Audit

    Mary-Anne Young

  • Barossa New Water Project update

    Janie Evans, Technical Facilitator, BIGG (presented on behalf of business advisory firm, KBR)

  • Barossa New Water Project comparison

     Brian Hughes, Soils Consultant, PIRSA

BIGG's Water Catchment Workshop - September 2021

This workshop showcased how rainwater can be successfully harvested using an on-farm lined catchment. It featured representatives from the Coorong region, Tracey Stugnell and Mark Scobie (who have been at the forefront of this innovation), and local PIRSA soils expert Brian Hughes.

  • The Coorong Water Security Story

    Tracey Strugnell, Coorong and Tatiara District Councils and Coorong Tatiara Local Action Plan

  • Lined Catchment Construction

    Mark Scobie, Orlunda Downs (Coorong Farmer)

  • Lined Catchment Learnings

    Tracey Strugnell & Mark Scobie

  • Innovative Water Harvest and Storage Solutions

    Brian Hughes, PIRSA

Report: Planning Farm Water Supplies – April 2022

As part of BIGGs Smart Farms Grant, PIRSA produced an extensive report for BIGG, covering the various water supply, capture, storage, reticulation, and monitoring options to consider on-farm. The report also includes various case studies.

Case Studies

  • BIGG Water Catchment Case Stud: Dale Button

    August 2021


  • Producer Water Security: BIGG Survey Report

    December 2021

  • Regional Water Security: BIGG Survey Report

    May 2021