Winter Pasture NRM Project

The aim of the Winter Pasture NRM Project is to

  1. Improve the capacity of farmers to enhance the condition of their land and sustainably improve the productive capacity of pastures.
  2. Increase the number of producers participating in achieving good NRM outcomes.

This project targets producer groups and facilitates opportunities to learn about methods to improve their pastures and provides networking opportunities for information sharing in the Barossa Valley and surrounding areas.

Funding is supplied by the AMLR NRM Boards Sustainable Industry Grant Scheme 2012/13 and Sheep Connect. It is administered by the Angaston Ag Bureau on behalf of the local producer groups.


The project resulted from an informal gathering of producers from various livestock groups who identified their winter pastures as a major profit driver to their farming enterprise.

The main objective is to get producers talking, learning and taking action to improve the productive capacity of winter pastures while enhancing the Natural Resource Management (NRM) outcomes. This is achieved through:


Development of individual producer ‘activity plans’ which meets their own needs/ situations and delivers improved winter pastures and NRM Outcomes. Focus areas include, however are not limited to:

  • Soil testing
  • Pasture species selection
  • Pasture quality and quantity
  • Effect of stocking rate on pastures and rotational grazing

These plans were monitored through 2012 and 13 and outcomes etc were shared with the groups through:

  • Education events through spring and summer- collaborating within the group and between groups.
  • inking with other stakeholders and projects occurring throughout the region.
  • Forming networks and linking with local rural businesses such as Farmer Johns, Coopers Farm Supplies, contractors and consultants.