General Resources

Water Resources

  • BIGG Tank Monitor Matrix

    Use this simple matrix to compare tank monitors trialed by local farmers

  • Water Supply Table for Livestock Classes
  • Livestock Watering Tips
  • Stocktaking Property Water for Livestock


  • Quick Conversion Megalitres to Litres

Other Resources

  • BIGG Producer Survey Report

    July 2020

  • 'Are Your Mates Okay?'

    Seeds of Hope Suicide Prevention Network Brochure - June 2020

  • The value of Supplementing Minerals to Pregnant Ewes in Containment

    April 2020

  • Eden Valley Region Water Requirements EOI- FORM

    Water Planning for the Eden Valley - December 2019

  • High oestrogenic sub-clover article

    Kevin Foster, The University of WA: September 2016

  • Goolwa cereal dry matter trial

    Tim Prance, Tim Prance Rural Consulting: February 2015

  • Pasture Challenge Booklet

    Brett Nietschke, BIGG: September 2014

  • Temporary Electric Fencing Fact Sheet

    Daniel Schuppan, Landmark: December 2013

  • Feed Budgeting Workshop Templates

     Daniel Schuppan, Landmark: August 2013