Mixed Species Pastures

Productive pastures are a key driver for livestock and mixed farm business profitability; hence it is critical producers are utilising productive pasture species best suited to their environment.


Producers from the Barossa Improved Grazing Group (BIGG) have an ongoing interest in productive plant species and mixes in livestock and cropping systems. BIGG producers are starting to trial the use of mixed species pastures in their livestock production systems to optimise livestock performance, quantify residual soil water and soil health and build resilience for variable seasons.


The project will also give the opportunity for BIGG to compare mixed species pastures at the paddock scale with nearby single species/district practice pastures.



BIGG has delivered a range of different projects relating to mixed species including:

  • 2021- Northern Yorke Landscapes Board Goyders Line Project
  • 2022- SA Drought Hub I and Adelaide University Project's
  • 2023- SA Drought Hub II

This project focuses on the monitoring and assessment of small scale trial sites, larger paddock scale trial sites and demonstration sites. In many cases we are evaluating what producers are already trialing on their own properties to help share the local information.

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Case Studies

  • Pasture case study: sown annual vs regenerated perennial

    April 2024

  • Case study: Productive multi species pastures at Marananga

    March 2024

  • Invertebrate Function: Mixed Plant Species vs Monocultures

    April 2023

For more information on these projects or any of our extension activities please contact: Brett Nietschke brett.nietschke@biggroup.org.au