On Farm Water Technology

The availability of on-farm water is a huge issues for producers across the Barossa Valley and surrounding areas. Many producers rely on surface water in the form of dams to provide water for their livestock. Many, particularly in the Eden Valley and Flaxmans Valley do not have access to mains water. With the increasing likelihood of drier years which will result in reduced surface run-off, water security will play a huge role in allowing producers to remain profitable and productive.

As a result of these issues, the Barossa Improved Grazing Group have initiated an On-Farm Water Security Innovations project to investigate the ‘value’ of water security monitoring innovations in rural production.

Often making a choice on what technology to use is difficult for producers, especially when it involves 'connectivity', 'power sources' and 'communication dashboards'. This projects provides an opportuntity for producers to learn independently and from each other about the opportunities and challenges associated with different water saving technologies.


BIGG has received funding through the SA Drought Hub:

  • 2022_23 On Farm Water Innovations Project Phase 1- Tank Monitors
  • 2023_24 On Farm Water Innovations Project Phase 2- Water Salinity, Water Flow Meters


  • Improving on-farm water security using innovative remote sensing systems

    Led by BIGG, this project established demonstration sites for producers to learn about and observe water monitoring systems to reduce water use, maximise water-use efficiency and ensure livestock have access to water.

  • Tank Level Monitor Decision Matrix

    Use this simple matrix to compare the four different tank level monitors trialed by BIGG producers

For more information on the project or any of our extension activities contact: Jane Evans jane.evans@biggroup.org.au


Case Studies

  • Tank Level Monitor: Farmbot_ Fargers

    May 2023

  • Tank Level Monitor: Farm Monitoring Systems_Koch

    June 2023

  • Tank Level Monitor: 360 Tanks_Seeliger's Dairy

    June 2023

  • Tank Level Monitor: Ellenex_Mitchell

    June 2023