RAPPA Temporary Fencing Project

In 2012 BIGG received a grant ‘Grazing system demonstration for improved NRM outcomes in Barossa Ranges’.

The project was funded through a Caring for Our Country Community Action Grant.  Its aim was to demonstrate that with the use of modern temporary electric fence systems (The RAPPA) there is cost benefit to increase grazing density and provide longer rest periods for the pasture to recover and produce more pasture, more diversity in pasture species, and better animal production.

This was trialled at seven demonstration sites on local properties throughout 2012 and 2013, with varying pasture varieties, pasture systems and livestock. The outcome of these demonstrations are documented in the following case studies:

  • Improving the Flexibility of the Grazing System

    Greg Koch, Moculta

  • Lifting the Stocking Rate Using Strip Grazing

    Joe Kenes, Keyneton

  • Making the Most of Early Feed Barley

    Glen & Tracy Becker, Koonunga

  • Simple Four Paddock Rotation

    Joe Keynes, Keyneton

  • Smaller Paddocks Increase Stocking Density

    Graham Keynes, Moculta

  • Summer Pasture Trial

    Jen Light, Eden Valley

  • Temporary Fencing Facilities Decision Making

    Greg Koch, Moculta