New pasture case study: sown annual vs regenerated perennial

11.10.23 Multi

This latest BIGG case study focuses on an in-paddock pasture comparison at Angaston grape and livestock producer Ben Zander's property.

Ben's 3.5ha paddock was sown in 2012 with a perennial based pasture mix (phalaris, cocksfoot, perennial ryegrass and sub clover) and in May 2023 3.0ha of the same paddock was sown to a basic annual pasture multi-species mix.

The paddock was monitored throughout the 2023 season and showed significant increase in late season production and feed quality from the sown annual pasture compared to the regenerated perennial pasture.

Learn more from Ben's experience below  in the Pasture case study: sown annual vs regenerated perennial

Image: sown annual pasture October 2023.