2024 AIA-SA Student Compendium: Unlocking New Opportunities for Young People in Barossa

The 2024 Agricultural Institute of Australia – South Australia (AIA-SA) Division's Student Compendium serves as an inspirational resource for young individuals considering a career in this vital sector. Featuring contributions that reflect the Barossa's innovative approach to agriculture, the Student Compendium offers young people the potential for career opportunities within the region.

The Student Compendium features pivotal Barossa enterprises such as Farmer Johns, offering practical agricultural experiences, and Barossa Australia's innovative apprenticeships in viticulture.

The compendium shines a spotlight on the critical role of agricultural advancements and provides a platform for young people to engage with the latest in sustainable farming and agricultural technology. A treasure trove of research, essays, and case studies from leading agricultural students, the compendium has a strong emphasis on sustainability, technology, and innovative practices destined to reshape the agricultural landscape. It represents a collective vision for the future of farming in Australia.

Barossa Improved Grazing Group (BIGG) is proud to support the 2024 launch of the Student Compendium. BIGG, at the forefront of integrating sustainable grazing practices and agricultural technologies in the Barossa, views this collaboration with the AIA-SA as an opportunity to nurture the next generation of agricultural professionals.

Recently launched on 19th of March 2024, the Compendium is available online via the Ag Institute of Australia’s webpage.

Image: Compendium 24 Interns and Mentors, Caleb Schwartz, Mackenzie Coopman, Craig Davis, Emily Adams, Tayla Blight, Bruce Hancock