Drought Hub Knowledge Broker Visit

On 17th April, BIGG hosted the group of local and interstate Drought Hub 'Knowledge Brokers'. They all had an interest in producer led on the ground delivery and addressing locally identified issues and priorities.

They visited two BIGG sites, which have been developed with the SA Drought Hub, meeting with the producers and BIGG facilitators. The first site the group visited was Warren and Barbara Farger's property at Flaxmans Valley who are involved in the On Farm Water Innovation's project. They demonstrated the remote tank level monitor they have been using to save water and time.

The second site was William Hurn's who demonstrated the ewe containment area's project which is monitoring the health of ewes in containment, through blood testing. The group mentioned how containment feeding was becoming increasingly important in many of their interstate areas and the opportunity to share knowledge could be very beneficial, particularly to areas which are only just starting to implement them.