Livestock Strategies Workshop Equips Farmers for the Next 100 Days

The recent ‘Livestock Strategies for the Next 100 Days’ session, hosted by BIGG and led by Pene Keynes from Livestock SA, was an invaluable event for local farmers held on the 27th of June at the Angaston Bowling Club. The workshop featured insightful presentations from industry experts, addressing crucial livestock management strategies for the upcoming months and underscoring the importance of mental health during challenging times.

The event saw Felicity Turner, Deb Scammell, Ken Solly, and Mary Rowe delivering topical and informative insights. Felicity Turner emphasized the necessity of having both a ‘Plan A’ and a ‘Plan A Plus,’ advocating for a balance between gut instinct decisions and analytical approaches to livestock management. Deb Scammell provided detailed guidance on the early weaning of lambs and calves, discussing the optimal timing and methods to ensure the best outcomes for young livestock.

Ken Solly’s session focused on mental health, urging farmers to ‘Keep It Simple’ and offering strategies for maintaining mental well-being during tight times. Mary Rowe highlighted the importance of vaccine coverage in dry periods and warned that the most expensive drench is one that fails to work, stressing the need for effective and timely interventions.

The workshop was supported by Livestock SA, SA Drought Hub, AgRiSilience and Zoetis.

Image: Ken Solly, Mary Rowe, Deb Scammell, Felicity Turner, Pene Keynes.