Eden Valley Water Update July 2021

BIGG teamed up with Barossa Grape and Wine to deliver a Water Update for the Eden Valley Area on Thursday 8th July. The event updated landholders on current projects which may provide opportunities for those experiencing water shortages.

The three main points are as follows:

  1. SA Water’s proposed infrastructure concept plans for Eden Valley

SA Water has established an Eden Valley information resource on their “WaterTalks” webpage

“SA Water, in partnership with the Barossa Grape and Wine Association (BGWA) has now prepared four high-level concept plans showing high level infrastructure requirements to bring raw water for the Mannum to Adelaide Pipeline (MAPL) into Eden Valley and surrounding areas.

The four concept plans can be found here or in the Document Library section, to the right, called Eden Valley concept design options.

Each concept plan is based on the supply of 3.2 Gigalitres of water initially to meet water demands to the respondents to the SA Water and BGWA surveys last year.”

Following further investigations, SA Water will provide further progress updates to the community at their earliest opportunity.

  1. Drought and Emergency Water Infrastucture Projects – Community Standpipes

The Barossa Council has engaged in the following community water infrastructure projects: “…a new standpipe, tank, pump, power and control system at Eden Valley, and Moculta; and upgrades to standpipe infrastructure at Mt. Pleasant.” (www.barossa.sa.gov.au Drought and Emergency Water Infrastructure Project.)

Mount Pleasant – Railway Terrace, within Talunga Park – showgrounds, near the Community Wastewater Treatment plant.

Moculta – 780 Hutton Vale Road, within the sporting grounds, behind the oval and clubrooms.

Eden Valley – Rhine Park Road, 100m East from the intersection with Eden Valley Road.

The Mt. Pleasant and Moculta standpipes are currently operable. The Eden Valley Community Standpipe is nearing completion. Please keep checking Barossa Council’s website and face book for a final date when the Eden Valley standpipe service will become available. Access to the standpipes will be available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. They are operated via a QR code on your mobile phone.

  1. PIRSA On-farm Emergency Water Infrastructure Rebate Scheme, Round 3 (2021-22) is now open.

South Australian primary producers in drought affected areas can now apply for a new funding round of the On-farm Emergency Water Infrastructure Rebate Scheme.

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