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BIGG win for Barossa farmers

From: https://www.barossaherald.com.au/story/4931234/bigg-win-for-barossa-farmers/   The Landcare Association of SA Conference and Awards Dinner in Clare last week was a fruitful occasion for Barossa farmers and Landcarers.   The Barossa Improved Grazing Group was one of the lucky winners at Tuesday night’s awards presentation, held at Clare Golf Club. BIGG picked up the…

BIGG wins state landcare award!

The State Landcare Awards were held in Clare on 12th September 2017 where BIGG won the Australian Government Excellence in Sustainable Farm Practices Award. The award recognises an ‘individual, group or organisation that has demonstrated excellence and leadership in implementing integrated land management practices to a farm property or properties that protect…

Managing the fire recovery process

From: https://landcareaustralia.org.au/project/managing-fire-recovery-process/ An extensive monitoring program, native plant identification, and soil testing has helped producers across Eden Valley, Hutton Vale, and areas near the Barossa Valley in South Australia recover and sustainably manage native grass pastures that are critical within their livestock grazing systems. In 2014, areas of the eastern Mount…

State Resilient Australia Awards

In December 2016 BIGG/Angaston Ag Bureau received a Highly Commended Award for our Eden Valley bushfire recovery and resilience program. The program assisted producers to optimise the re-building of native pasture and livestock in the wake of the fire. The State Resilient Australia Awards recognise initiatives that improve community safety and resilience, and empower…

Demonstrating watercourse rehabilitation with native plant communities

From: http://www.naturalresources.sa.gov.au/files/sharedassets/adelaide_and_mt_lofty_ranges/newsletters/2016-winter-small-talk-nwl.pdf   Rehabilitating a watercourse improves water quality, reduces erosion, provides habitat for birds and improves on-farm production. However, which are the best plant communities to do the job?   With the support of the Natural Resources Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges and 25th Anniversary Landcare Australia Grant Scheme funding,…

Measure moisture for better pasture management

From: https://landcareaustralia.org.au/project/measure-moisture-for-better-pasture-management/   Measuring subsoil moisture levels can take the guesswork out of planning future stocking rates, a new study by the Barossa Improved Grazing Group (BIGG) suggests.   The study, funded by the Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges Natural Resources Management Board and the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme, analysed…

Maximising pasture production

Producers will be able to maximise their pasture production in a variable climate following the results of an exciting new project from the Barossa Improved Grazing Group (BIGG). Funded by Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) and a collaboration between BIGG and Barossa businesses Coopers of Mount Pleasant and Farmer Johns,…

Revegetation spotlight at AgTastic conference

From: https://www.barossaherald.com.au/story/3969481/revegetation-spotlight-at-agtastic-conference/ Farmers from the Barossa and surrounding districts have seen for themselves the benefits of revegetation at the 2016 AgTastic conference. The Barossa Improved Grazing Group (BIGG) teamed up with Barossa Young People in Ag to host the third annual AgTastic conference last Thursday at Springton, with the theme Managing…

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